What About YOUR “Undue Advantage,” Mr. President?

John W. Lillpop

In remarks at the G20 summit last week,
President Obama made headlines when he warned that no nation should have
an “undue advantage,” if the world is to enjoy economic recovery.

president was referring to currencies and China specifically, but his remarks expose
an anti-American mind set which holds that that the people of the United
States do not deserve the prosperity that this nation has enjoyed over
the years.

In Obama’s
warped logic, Americans must be forced to give up extravagant
lifestyles that are not eco-friendly and which take more than our fair
share of the goods and services produced in the global economy.

is the Marxist euphemism that would apply to the
Obama agenda for rewriting the American Dream to a more modest and
politically correct way of living.

Spread the wealth from
undeserving Americans to the poor and meek throughout the world would
be another apt way of describing Obama’s obsession with the “undue
advantage” nonsense.

Successful American capitalists always seek
an “unfair advantage" in domestic and foreign markets, meaning that they
are committed to providing the most competitive goods and services in
order to be # 1.

President Obama would forego America’s lust for
being # 1 with a wuss policy that would seek to assure that the U.S.
is”liked” all
across the globe.

While Obama is adamant in promoting no undue
advantage for the unwashed masses, when it comes to his personal life,
undue advantage is tenaciously defended as an elitist perk which he is
entitled to because—well, just because he is BHO!

Should this
arrogant, elitist political novice ever get serious about reversing
undue advantage, he should start by removing his daughters from private
schools designed for families with an undue advantage. Give up the
elitist schools and enroll YOUR children in public schools, Mr.

He could also waive special health care perks available to him
and his family and rely on the more modest ObamaCare, which the
president believes average Americans should be forced to purchase.

if President Obama really gives a damn about undue advantage and
spreading the wealth, he would find a way to reduce his income from the
$5 million he reportedly managed in

Undue advantage?  That pretty much sums up the
life and career of one Barack Hussein Obama!

W. Lillpop

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