So What Do the Local Police Know That You Don’t?

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Do the Local Police Know That You Don’t?

Bernie Wojciechowski
this question. If you saw local police officers stocking up on guns and
ammunition, what would you think? Try this answer. I see it all the
time. I work for a good friend of mine part time in his gun shop, 2 or 3
days a week, more or less. We just finished another good sized show and
once again we had several municipal officers from jurisdictions that
prohibit certain styles of weapons, think assault weapons ban, trying to
buy mostly AR-15 rifles and magazines.

The sad part is in the
store we have a good sized crowd of law enforcement people coming on a
regular basis, believe me when I tell you lately they have been getting
very well armed and very well stocked up on ammunition and spare
magazines. Several have even come right out and said that they are
afraid of what could happen, maybe as early as summer. I know what they
are thinking and seeing, I am a former police officer and kind of have
an idea of what they figuring out in their heads. What I am driving at
here is that many of the states these officers live or work in are very
anti-gun, we have seen several from NYPD, New Jersey departments,
Maryland departments and even Delaware State Troopers. Its sad to say
but we can’t help any of them, because federal law prohibits us from
doing it. We can’t sell them weapons that they believe they may need.
Now don’t get me wrong, we have always had a certain amount of that
traffic, but it has grown by ten fold in the past 6 or so months.


officers aren’t crazy or dangerous, they are simply willing to spend
their own money for equipment they feel they need in an official
capacity to protect themselves. So why do they feel this way to start
with and what do they know or are they seeing you are not? That’s really
the questions isn’t it? These are officers from several different
states, hundreds of miles apart and yet they all are looking to get a
little more firepower, just in case. It makes you think doesn’t it?
Looking to local law enforcement and seeing how they are reacting to any
given situation can tell you much about what they see coming. Remember,
these are people who see or hear what is being said on the street,
streets where you live or work. If your hometown or local police
or sheriff’s deputies are worried about civil unrest, to
the least, then maybe you had better be as well.

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