Stock Market Crashes, Unemployment Soars! Where Is Obama?

By John
W. Lillpop

Barack Obama
and fellow Marxists
have repeatedly told Americans that the federal government (when
controlled by Leftists!) is the only entity that can solve all of our
problems, big and small.

Which is why the Obama-Pelosi-Reid band
of outlaws raided the U.S. Treasury last February and wasted one
trillion dollars of your money on a scheme foolishly called a “stimulus”

When he signed the bill, President Obama promised to
create or save 3-4 million

Again, the mind-numbing assumption was that a few
thousand otherwise unemployable bureaucrats could magically create or
save jobs while plopped on their inflated posteriors in Washington, D.C.

months later, unemployment continues to soar and is near ten percent.

is the mainstream media not demanding to know, “What happed to that
trillion dollars, Mr. President?” and “Where are those 3-4 million jobs
you promised?

Or the even more perfectly valid question, “Just
where the bloody hell is Obama?”

Of course, the media know full
well that The One is too busy snuggling up to President Calderon of Mexico to deal with the
real problems facing American citizens.

Rather than working to
create or save jobs, The One is scheming to gain favor with Calderon by
granting amnesty to millions of invading criminals from Mexico who steal
jobs that should go to U.S. citizens and who cost American
taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

is Obama? Check Felipe
’s pockets!

W. Lillpop

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