Latino Citizens Can Help Make Laws Like SB1070 Unnecessary

By John W.

With so many Hispanic citizens in a
state of befuddlement over Arizona’s
SB 1070, isn’t it time to demand that this demographic get serious in
battling illegal immigration, regardless of the racial make-up of the

Everyone knows that the overwhelming majority of illegal
aliens in the United States is Hispanic.

Given the fact that
illegal immigration is a major problem to the economic, social, and
cultural well being of America, besides being a
chink in homeland
armor, why in the hell are so many American citizens
named Rodriquez, Garcia, Chavez, and the like so reticent about speaking
out against illegal aliens?

Why is La Reza not
organizing million-senor marches through downtown Los Angeles to demand that the
borders be sealed off and those here illegally be deported?

if the illegal population was overwhelmingly Chinese? Would La Reza and
the Hispanic community be advocating on behalf of invaders if said
aliens spoke Mandarin Chinese rather than Spanish?

What if
workers from China
were to invade America and be willing to pick fruit and cut lawns for a
small percentage of the wage demanded by Latino illegal aliens, thereby
replacing Latino aliens as the source for cheap labor?

Hispanics oppose SB 1070 if Arizona’s illegal alien population was
mostly Chinese?

The point is that illegal immigration is wrong
and harmful when
committed by Hispanics or any other ethnic group. It is also true that when a
particular racial group dominates the illegal alien crowd as Hispanics
do in America, racial
is not only an acceptable government response, but
absolutely mandatory in order to protect the rights and lives of all

Worried about being targeted in Arizona just because
you are Hispanic?

Then get off your tush and join the rest of
America in the effort to prevent and reverse the dreaded curse of
illegal immigration.

When you spot an illegal alien, call ICE
and report the invader. Write your elected officials and demand
enforcement of our borders and laws.

Or are you one who
believes that illegal immigration is not a problem if the invader
happens to be Latino?

W. Lillpop

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