April 15th: The Communist Day of Atonement!

John W. Lillpop

April 15 is the day liberals live for.

15 is the dreary day on which “spreading the wealth” officially starts
for the year.

April 15, when millions of intelligent,
hard-working patriotic Americans send what is rightfully theirs to an
incompetent government run by lunatics whose sole mission in life is to
reward losers with wealth earned by the successful.

April 15,
when the “playing field
is leveled” so that no account, bone-idle leeches can
feed at the public trough made whole by the sweat of winners.

15, when welfare queens
and others on public assistance are rewarded for unseemly sloth,
gluttony, and Avarice
or Covetousness (greed).

April 15, the “April Fool’s” day for those who work 9-5
every day and who pay their taxes.

Happy Tea Day to we fools who
support the scores of millions of losers that the Democrat Party

W. Lillpop

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