Obama Botches Census: How Will He Handle 17 Percent of U.S. Economy?

John W. Lillpop

In a stark reminder of why government
should not be in the health
care business
, the automobile business, the financial services business,
the climate business, or any business for that matter, the
inept Obama
Administration is warning that the 2010 Census operations may be “at
risk” until the last minute.

As reported at cnsnews.com,
in part, (1):

“(CNSNews.com) – Information Technology
(IT) problems will put the 2010 Census operations at
risk “up to the last minute,” a top Commerce Department official told
CNSNews.com. However, the official, whose department oversees the Census Bureau, has “a lot
of confidence” that these problems will be fixed in time for the
face-to-face interviews starting next month with individuals who did not
fill out their census forms by mail.

“There’s always risks. I
think there’ll be risks up to the last minute and it’s certainly the
duty of the GAO [Government
Accountability Office
] and IG [Inspector General] to point that out, Dr.
Nancy Potok, deputy under secretary for economic affairs at the Commerce
Department, told CNSNews.com.

“The Census Bureau has been
working 24-7, night and day to really alleviate those risks to make sure
that the system’s in place that they need,” she said. “They’ve made
great progress.”

”Potok explained that the IT problems largely
concern the Census non-response follow-up (NRFU)
operations. The NRFU is the Census’s largest operation since it
involves tracking down and interviewing an estimated 50 million people
in person who did not respond to the mailed census forms.”

all due respect to Dr. Potok, working government bureaucrats 24/7 may
be a huge part of the problem. My advise: Shut down the bloated
government agency
and hire private enterprise to do the job!

Besides problems with
the Census, Obama’s government has botched “cash-for-clunkers,” the
so-called stimulus trillion, the mortgage bailout for distressed home
owners, and has made America look down right silly with the wrongheaded
approach to GITMO closure and civilian trials for terrorists.

too, that this president was incapable of securing the 2016 Olympics
games for Chicago despite a personal visit and speech in Copenhagen.

fact, everything that Obama has touched since he took office has turned
Gold—Fool’s Gold, that is—and has been so poorly managed that one must
seriously challenge the notion that government is the solution to
anything– except killing evil doers, which Obama is trying to botch as

ObamaCare: Another botched Obama program in YOUR

(1) http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/63698

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