Obama’s Private Army Confirmed (Fox News)

Jared Law

First, take a look at this
video clip from Glenn Beck’s show (Judge Andrew Napolitano Subbing for
Glenn Beck who is on vacation):


then there’s this relevant lower-quality video clip from a segment on
Fox Business Network:


The preceding two video clips make clear, from a credible
news source, that something isn’t right here; they confirm that an
unconstitutional private army was written into the hostile government
takeover of healthcare legislation. This is precisely what all of the
Conservative Talk Radio Hosts nationwide have been talking about, and
now there’s concrete proof that it has, in fact, been slipped into
legislation that has now been passed.

This is not only
disturbing, it’s totally unconstitutional. This is a private army for
Obama to do with what he will. It’s time to prepare, for those who
haven’t already begun. Those of us who are already actively preparing,
it’s time to accelerate our efforts. And I’m obviously talking peaceful
preparations, both politically, personally, and in areas of

Before I go on, please watch this video of Glenn
Beck from the broadcast on Friday, April 02, 2010, "Ask Glenn Anything!"
on the Glenn Beck (Fox News Channel); this is a very hopeful message,
so please watch this as well!:



Hussein Obama and his thugs should be removed; they’re doing violence to
the Constitution and to our beloved homeland with each and
every passing day. IMHO, BHO should be impeached IMMEDIATELY, but since
the Democrats control the Senate, that can’t happen…yet.


may sound impossible, but ANYTHING is possible with God on our side.
Why would He be on our side? Because we wish to RESTORE AMERICA, because
our cause is just, and because WE will continue to TURN TO GOD…I have
confidence that all of you are doing your best to live right, to
improve yourselves, to live as you believe God would have you live.
There is power in righteous living. Please continue to do your best to
do the right thing, and don’t forget to PRAY ALWAYS! Let each of us so
live our lives so that we can be justified in asking God to help us
restore this land of Liberty! If we do as He asks, we can expect him to
answer our prayers, to bless us with the RIGHTEOUS desires of our

We must
also do the work…work like it all depends on us, and PRAY like it all
depends on God. As far as doing our part goes, PLEASE walk your
neighborhood. Please talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives,
co-workers, church congregation members, etc. and INVITE THEM to join us. Get them to read The 5,000 Year Leap. Get them to read A Patriot’s History of the United States. Same with Glenn Beck’s Common Sense. And
don’t forget The Real George Washington, Liberal
, and the other books Glenn has recommended.

Get to know your state
legislators! Prepare immediately to remove those who aren’t willing to
uphold and defend our constitutional rights! Organize a local network!  INVITE THEM to join us! If your local political party (the
more conservative of the major parties) is still salvageable (and let’s
face it, every single one, in every state, is salvageable; it may take a
couple of years, but it CAN be done), get involved and do what you can
on that front; become a delegate, a committeeman, or whatever it’s
called in your state. If it’s too late this election cycle, then get to
know the delegates in your voting precinct. Educate them. Help them learn American History.  INVITE THEM to join us! Make sure you have a say, because
if you don’t, the progressives will eventually gain control, as they
have in some states.

MUST get organized LOCALLY, YOU must organize YOUR voting precinct. It’s
up to YOU to ensure the election isn’t stolen at YOUR PRECINCT BALLOT



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