When Did People’s House become a “Self-Executing Slaughter House”?

John W. Lillpop

There was a time in American history
when the U.S. House of
was fondly known as “The People’s House” in
recognition of the fact that House members were closest to the needs and
interests of their local constituents.

It was a term of
endearment, one that seems especially out-of-place these days given the
bizarre behavior of Speaker Nancy
and most Democrats.

Indeed, under the
irresponsible and reckless
leadership of Speaker Pelosi,
terms such as “self-executing” and “slaughter house” are being used to describe
the procedural maneuvering and sleight-of-hand pranks that Democrats are
resorting to.

The issue is said to be about health care reform, but,
in fact, the machinations and unseemly legislative contortions are all
about saving face for the most arrogant and out-of-touch president in
the nation’s history.

As disgraced former CBS news anchor Dan Rather
recently commented, the Obama mystique from a year ago has completely
dissipated, and now the man is not capable of selling watermelons, much
less a trillion dollar, deficit-busting attack on the best health care system
in the world.

ObamaCare is so distasteful to so many people for
so many reasons that Democrats have decided to ignore the U.S. Constitution,
most American citizens, all Republicans, and established rules in order
to pass the most onerous bill ever

Even then, there is no certainty that the House will
pass–whatever that term is deemed to mean—any health care reform
legislation any time soon.

Once again, Democrats have over
reached and willfully destroyed any opportunity they might have had for
moderate change.

In that sense, “self-executing slaughter house”
is a most apt label for Nancy
’s battered House of Representatives!

John W.

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