Which Sins, Sister? Count Them and Weep!

By John W. Lillpop

In the March 1 edition of the San Jose Mercury News, the letters to the editor section inlcuded a weepy missive from a "Sister Fahey" who posed a rhetorical “Which Sins?” question with respect to illegal aliens.

good sister used her bleeding heart pen to argue for amnesty, rather
than deportation, of the millions of uninvited "guests" now squatting
in America.

"Which Sins?" was Fahey’s way of ridiculing those of
us who believe that the rule of law should apply to everyone, even
those who mow our lawns, wait our tables, clean our homes, and wash our
cars, when such labor is provided by those not here legally.

Which sins, sister?

Well, how about violating the borders and immigration laws of our sovereign nation, tax evasion, identity theft, voter fraud,
stealing hundreds of billions of dollars each year in public services
to which they are not entitled, not paying for medical services which
forces hospitals and medical facilities into bankruptcy thereby denying
American citizens the use of such facilities, taking millions of jobs
that should be filled by Americans, contributing to the over crowding
of public schools, reintroducing diseases long eradicated back into
America, and degradation of American language and culture with
third-world language and ways?

Sorry, Sister Fahey, the logical way to deal with invading criminals is to send them home to
their third-word nations of origin, where they are already “legal.”

Let’s spare the American people the costly and time-consuming process of pandering to people who have no legal or moral right to be here! 

John W. Lillpop

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