Then enforce the damn law!

A Practical Way to Reduce the Number of Uninsured

By John W. Lillpop

As President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, and House Speaker Pelosi survey the smoldering ruins of what they once considered to be a blank check issued by the American people, one is struck by the resiliency of some truly foolish ideas on the liberal agenda.

for instance, amnesty the outrageous notion that America should
legalize 12-30 million uneducated, non-English speaking invaders at a
time when unemployment is at 17 percent and upwards of 15 million
Americans are without gainful employment.

Even in robust economic times, allowing millions of illegal aliens to violate our borders and ignore our immigration laws is just plain stupid, because it makes a mockery of rule of law and poses a serious threat to homeland security.

also costs American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars each year
in services and goods stolen by those who should not even be here, much
less on the public dole.

Illegal immigration disrupts our economy, threatens established values and culture, and has a negative impact on social order.

Incidentally, illegal aliens are also a huge factor in soaring US health care costs and have caused many an American hospital to go bankrupt.

citizens are losing access to medical services and or are paying more
because millions of illegal aliens do not pay for services, although
many still find a way to send money back to third-world Mexico each

If only there were a single solution that would address both illegal aliens AND the huge population of uninsured in America.

But, there is such a solution, fellow patriots.

A simple, practical, non-PC solution exists if only moon bat politicians would listen to common sense.

rather than granting amnesty to criminal invaders, enforce the damn law
by deporting each and every last one of the despicable outlaws.

simply enforcing laws currently on the books, 10-20 million uninsured
would be removed from the population and hundreds of billions of
dollars now wasted on criminals would be saved.

Looking to reduce the ranks of the uninsured, Mr. President, Madam Speaker, and Mr. Majority Leader?

Then enforce the damn law! 

John W. Lillpop

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