United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HHARP) Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos

Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern
Into Chaos

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her
Western Subscribers





Russian scientists are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that the
high-energy beam [photo top left] fired
into the upper heavens from the United States High Frequency Active Auroral
Research Program
(HHARP) radar facility in
Ramfjordmoen, Norway this past month has resulted in a “catastrophic
of our Plant’s thermosphere thus
allowing into the troposphere an
unimpeded thermal  inversion
of the exosphere, which
is the outermost layer of Earth’s atmosphere.

To the West’s firing of this ‘quantum’ high-energy beam we had
previously reported on in our December 10, 2009 report titled “Attack On Gods ‘Heaven’
Lights Up Norwegian Sky

To how catastrophic for our Planet this massive thermal inversion has been
Anthony Nunan, an assistant general manager for risk management at Mitsubishi
in Tokyo, is reporting
that the entire Northern Hemisphere is in winter chaos, with the
greatest danger from this unprecedented Global event being the destruction of
billions of dollars worth of crops in a World already nearing the end of its
ability to feed its self.

So powerful has this thermal inversion become that reports from the United
States are
that their critical crops of strawberries, oranges, and other
fruits and vegetables grown in their Southern States, are being destroyed by
record cold temperatures. The US is further reporting record
amounts of snowfall
in what they are now warning may be their worst
winter in 25 years

Reports from the United Kingdom today are, likewise, showing a Nation in
chaos as brutal cold temperatures continue to batter the British people
suffering under the worst
snow blizzards to hit them in almost 50 years
. So dire has it become in
the UK that their National Grid yesterday issued only its second warning in
its entire history stating that their Nation’s gas supply was running
due to this unprecedented event. 

Not just to the UK, but also to the entire European Union has this thermal
inversion been affecting as reports
from that region
show continued chaos is occurring due to plunging
temperatures and snows. In the UK, also, reports are showing that the military
has been called
out to rescue over 1,000 stranded vehicles. 

Though the Motherland, and its people, are some of the best equipped in the
World to handle such severe winter conditions, the Russian island of Sakhalin
was inundated this past week by a rare
Snow Cyclone
setting off no less than avalanches.

But to the worst affected region of the Northern Hemisphere no one has been
hit harder than China, where in what is being described as a “soul-destroying
this Asian Nation has been plunged into such havoc the
entire country has been brought to a standstill. China further reports that
the massive snowstorms hitting them are their worst
in 60 years
and necessitating their military forces to save over 1,400
people trapped when their train became covered in snow. So overwhelmed by this
unprecedented event has China become that they have ordered
all of their citizens
to help with snow removal too.

South Korea has not been spared either as reports from that Nation are
reporting their worst
snow storms in their modern history
of recording these

Reports from Japan are also reporting record snowfall in their Northern
Regions, where according to one unnamed Kushiro resident, “Snow falls hard here in
Kushiro, but this is the most I have ever seen. The snow’s piling up and we’re
running out of places to dump it.”

Canada, another Nation used to extreme winter events, reports that the
storm that had hit their maritime provinces this past week was so powerful
buildings were knocked off of their foundations in what one resident, Tom
Jardine, described as being “worse
than a hurricane

To the long-term consequences of this thermal inversion caused by the West,
these reports further warn that by the puncturing of our atmosphere by the
HHARP radars our Planet has, also, been “needlessly exposed” to the
growing threat posed to us by the giant mysterious object currently
approaching us (named by NASA as G1.9) which we had previously reported on in
our January 3rd report titled “Russia Prepares For
Asteroid Strike As New Comet Nears Sun
”, and which has been blamed for
the rapid shifting of our
Earth’s North Pole that was first documented in 2005.

But to the most critical aspect of these events it surely lies with the
Western World’s continued arrogance in regards to experimenting on both our
Planets natural species and human beings, and though who may think that they
are ‘gods’, are continuing to give evidence that they are acting more
like devils.

© January 6, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved

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