Surprised by Flight 253 Terrorist Incident? Why?

By John W. Lillpop

in the world would anyone who is alert enough to breathe be in the
least bit surprised by the Flight 253 terrorist carnage on Christmas

After all, our once formidable nation is now “led” by a community organizer who would rather blame George W. Bush for the war on terror than actually taking action to win the damn thing.

Under the Obama administration, the White House itself has become vulnerable to anyone roaming about the neighborhood of 1600
Pennsylvania looking to crash a party and perhaps exchange pleasantries and hobnob with high officials like ‘Bama and his sullen mate.

Under Obama, terrorists captured on the battle field while trying to kill or main young American soldiers are treated like US citizens with all the rights and privileges attendant therewith.

Only an Obama administration would entrust Homeland Security to a despicable clown like Janet Napolitano
who actually regards illegal aliens as “Newly Arrived Fugitives,” and
who believes that Farouk Abdulmutallab’s joy ride over the skies of
Detroit proved that the “system works.”

Only President Obama would take three whole days to issue a public statement about Flight 253, but who was ready to castigate Dick Cheney
immediately after the former Vice President had the audacity to tell
the truth about Obama’s dangerous and misguided pretense that the war
on terror was just a way for Bush and Cheney to keep the American people enchained in fear and Halliburton coffers flush.

Only President Obama would bow before the king whose nation was home to the 19 terrorists who executed 9.11.

Given the facts, it is clear that Barack Obama has neither the will nor ability to defend America.

Which again begs the question: Are you safer now than you were before noon, January 20, 2009? 

John W. Lillpop

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