Force Senate to Read all 2,000+ Pages of Health Care Monster!

By John W. Lillpop

fed up with elected representatives who refuse to read legislation that
commits taxpayers trillions of dollars before voting for such bills,
have found a new friend in the Senate.

He is Sen. Tom Coburn,
R-Okla., a conservative’s conservative. He is also a physican who knows
more about health care than all 60 of his dishonorable opponents on the
other side of the aisle combined.

The good doctor did a truly good deed on Wednesday by forcing the clerk of the Senate to read
all 767 pages of an amendment to the health care bill, said amendment offered by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Coburn’s procedural manuever forced the edgy socialist from Vermont to
withdraw his communist prattle from the floor, much to the relief of
most thinking Americans.

Now, Dr. Coburn, why not do the same for the full bill itself, when and if that nonsense actually makes it to the floor?

Force Harry Reid
and the far left to read every single word and we might be able to
cutoff Obama’s folly long enough for the mid-term elections to take
place, at which point Obama will be permanently relegated to lame duck

God Bless, Dr. Tom Coburn

John W. Lillpop

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