ObamaCare Would End Pre-Existing Conditions, Right?

By John W. Lillpop

of the major selling points advanced by liberals for ObamaCare is that
the private insurance practice of not covering certain pre-existing conditions
would be eliminated. In fact, the entire focus of health care would,
according to the left, shift from evil profits to love and compassion.

argument, when examined carefully, is yet another piece of unfiltered
waste from moon bats intent on dumping fascist medicine on an
unsuspecting American public.

When it comes to “pre-existing
conditions,” the left conveniently fails to mention the nastiest and
most brutal screen of all as set forth in ObamaCare: The Old Age exclusion.

death panels to age-based discrimination practices for costly surgical
procedures and medications, ObamaCare would sanction the practice of
cutting off medical help to the old, solely because of that group’s
reckless behavior in growing old.

So rather than having private insurance companies
restricting coverage for pre-existing conditions, ObamaCare would
empower the government to do much worse, but without stating so in plain English.

as to the idiotic notion that the ObamaCare would remove money and
profit from the health care equation, nothing could be further from the

If money is not an issue, just how in Hades will moon bats bring another 30-40 million uninsured into the health care pool?

answer: Those with the pre-existing condition known as old age will be
forced to die as quickly as possible in order that illegal aliens and
other constituencies of the Democrat party can be cared for.

ObamaCare to eliminate pre-existing conditions? Do not believe it!

John W. Lillpop

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