Obama-speak Versus W. -Talk

Angels Gather for a Barack Obama Speech

By John W. Lillpop

The thing is, with President Bush
you never quite knew for sure what he said. Asking him for a
translation was a colossal waste of time, because W. himself could not
untangle his garbled English into meaningful dialog.

Still, with
the exception of excessive spending and pandering to illegal aliens, it
was not all that important to understand W’s exact words. He usually
came down on the right side of issues like terrorism, taxes, and
Supreme Court nominees, his corrupted English notwithstanding.

With the not-so-new kid now on the block at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the situation could not be more different.

President Obama speaks, the angels of Heaven sing his praise and
celebrate the glory of his words. This president is able to move
mountains (but not real patriots with his high-minded eloquence.

Not since the days of Adolph Hitler has a world leader used his speaking ability to run thrills up and down the legs of political pundits and anti-semites as well.

is rarely any doubt about what President Obama has just said, so clear
and precise is his delivery. As it turns out, that is his biggest

Obama’s speech, though pristine and Camelot-like,
falls prey to his ideological bent, which means another dose of
wrong-minded Marxism.

Which is worse for America: A bumbling, English-challenged president who often gets it
right in spite of himself, or a Hitler clone who always gets it wrong despite his gifted oratory?

John W. Lillpop

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