Nancy Pelosi: Only in San Francisco could this disturbed and mentally crippled old woman be elected to a position of responsibility.

According to the Curious Mind of Nancy Pelosi, Winning Is…

Satire by John W. Lillpop

This reporter has it on good authority that Nancy Pelosi, Shrieker of the U.S. House, has never been invited to a Mensa meeting.

is a perfectly good reason for Pelosi’s exclusion: She has the IQ of a
bag of polluted San Francisco fog, and all the charm and appeal of a
pitcher of recycled tobacco spit.

Pelosi’s latest faux pas involves the election results from Tuesday night.

Most normal people, regardless of party or
ideological affiliation, would agree that President Obama
and, liberals in general, suffered sharp rebukes in New Jersey and
Virginia, and that said rebukes should be heeded as a warning.

That is not how Nancy Pelosi sees it. According to Madam Speaker, the Democrats were the real winners on Tuesday evening.

As reported, in part, at

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
said she sees no need to be worried by Republican victories in two
governors’ races last night, because for her the news was all good.

my perspective, we won last night," said Pelosi (D-Calif.), referring
to the New York special election for the House seat previously held by
Republican Rep. John McHugh. "We had one race were engaged in."

Mind you, this is the same wacky lefty who believes that the Catholic Church has never made its views on abortion known.

The same botox-blasted character who called enforcing U.S. immigration

Pelosi is the same out-of-touch “leader” who branded as Nazis those town hall revilers who opposed the socialist agenda of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, Pelosi’s curious mind is responsible for that 1,900 page monster gratuitously called Health Care Reform.

fact, Pelosi’s prescription for America is a sinister attempt to impose
nanny-state communism which, if actually codified into law, would
bankrupt the nation while improving heath care for none, save a few
million illegal aliens who should be deported rather than subsidized by

But back to the definition of winning, from the curious mind of Nancy Pelosi.

Using Pelosi’s warped logic, one would be forced to conclude that:

The Philadelphia Philles, not the New York Yankees, are 2009 World Series Champions;

President Obama won the 2016 Olympics for the city of Chicago;

10 percent unemployment is a
huge victory for American workers;

Exploding federal deficits are a big win for economic recovery and future growth; and

Sky-high disapproval ratings for Congress are to be celebrated as a sign that liberalism is here to stay!

Pelosi: Only in San Francisco could this disturbed and mentally
crippled old woman be elected to a position of responsibility.

God speed November, 2010, so that this pitiful lady can be shoved into retirement! 

John W. Lillpop

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