The impending train wreck in the economy, its coming.

How is Obama, Iran & the Economy Tied Together? – The Answer may Scare You

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009




impending train wreck in the economy, its coming. Whats this another
doom and gloom prediction? No. Its a view of what may/will occur in the
next few months, maybe next spring or so. Its not the normal stuff you
hear on the news or read in the paper, so give me a few minutes of your
time, and follow along.

We all know the
problems with Iran, we all know the problems with the stagnant economy.
Now what would happen if tomorrow the economy started gaining 250,000
new jobs a month? Here is an answer for you, since we have lost close
to 7 million jobs since the recession started and using what the Obama
administration calls a robust growth rate, the 250,000 number, it would
take 56 months to just get back to where we started. How does this
work? According to the Department of Labor, the United States needs to
create 125,000 new jobs a month just to keep up with growth in the work
force. That leaves 125,000 going to cut into people already jobless. So
if we use their numbers and Obama’s assumptions you end up at 56
months, over 4 1/2 years just to get back to where we were. This
assumes no bumps along the way and the job growth starting today.
Neither of which is happening.

Here come the
bumps. Iran wants nukes, most everybody concedes that fact, everybody
but the Russians and the Chinese and the Iranians that is. The Iranians
have already made it clear they will not negotiate over their nuclear
program and the Russians and Chinese have made it clear as well, they
will not support harsh sanctions, which may or may not work anyway.
Lets says that the Iranians test a nuke in a couple months. Oil prices
will jump to $200.00 a barrel in a few days trading. Panic will set in
over the Persian Gulf. The panic will be lead by the Arab states who do
not under any circumstance want Iran with a nuke. Assuming the
Israeli’s do not bomb them after learning of the nuclear test. Take
another scenario where the Israelis get worried and strike Iran. Oh
yea, terrorism will be all over the Middle East, it will make its way
to Europe and America soon thereafter.Now that’s bad enough, imagine
what happens to the price of oil then, $200.00 – $250.00 a barrel like
a shot. What does this mean?

It means gas is
$4.50 to $5.50 a gallon in a week or two. Heating oil at $4.50 a
gallon. We have seen last summer what happens at $4.00 a gallon,
collapse. Now we all can concede that the economy is not what it was a
year or so ago. If it ground things to a halt then, it will stop
everything now, won’t it? Prices will skyrocket for everything, people
are already broke. How many new jobs get created then? None. This
tosses out the window the job growth numbers for the foreseeable
future, I mean a long while. Now why am I bringing this whole story up?
Because I think most people believe that there is a very good chance
that these events or worse will unfold. I did not make any assumptions
or criticize Obama at all. What I did was too take what is really
happening in the big picture.

My worry, no
my belief and many many others believe this was well, is that Obama is
in over his head on the world stage. Yes he gives great speech’s, yes
he apologizes for America everywhere he goes. Liberals can spin the
tale any way they choose, how the world loves Obama and its a whole new
era of cooperation and so on. But, and its a big but, facts don’t bear
any of it out. Since Obama took office North Korea tested multiple
missiles including long range missiles. Iran launched a satellite into
space. Then North Korea tested another nuke. Then the Iranian elections
turn into a bloodbath. Wait, we find a new enrichment site in Iran and
they responded so well to Obama’s gestures they tested several new
medium and long range missiles, missiles able to reach Europe and
Israel. Chavez agrees to supply Iran with refined fuels which is their
only real weak point. The Chinese remain silent while Russia gives
statements that they oppose strong actions against Iran, this even
after Obama pulled the missile shield from two of our most dependable

American voters are known for not
following complex issues. This is a complex issue. Iran affecting our
economy, how does this work? I just took a little of your time, you
need to look into this yourself. Most voters last year never looked at
anything like this happening. I can sit here and tell you I did, but so
what. Others can say the same thing, but it won’t change things right
now. The only thing you can do is try to understand whats happening and
get engaged. Make the changes when you can. Listen, I hope I’m wrong
but I don’t think I am.
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