Who Is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue? George Soros, yes indeed. FCC?

George Soros,
yes indeed. FCC? Now, that’s even more interesting. One may wish to
read this two or three times, plus click some links.

by Joan Swirsky

in October of 2008, when the subject of Obama’s Constitutional
eligibility to be president of the United States was just a blip on the
radar screen of public awareness, I wrote an article about how easy it was to find my then- 92-year-old mother’s birth certificate.

I didn’t think finding my mother’s birth certificate was possible,
given the fact that she had been born in a farmhouse in Storrs, CT,
along with nine of her 10 siblings, to parents who didn’t speak
English. Despairing that she would never be "qualified" to receive the
care [in a nursing home} that she desperately needed, I set about to
find the document, which I was sure had vanished in the unreliable
record-keeping of 1913. When I called the third number, I explained to
the woman who answered the phone that I was "asking something
impossible." I gave her my mother’s first name and her father’s last
name. Within four minutes, she said, "Here it is!" When I expressed my
amazement, the woman said: "That’s nothing…we’re routinely asked to
find birth certificates from the 1800s, and we do that all the time!"
Total time it took me to find my mother’s 1913, born-in-a-farmhouse
birth certificate: 10 minutes!

Obama was born not in 1913, like my mother, but in 1961 — or perhaps in 1957, according to his MySpace page, which would make him 52, born supposedly in Hawaii before
it became a state in 1959. So it was quite curious that not one
cyber-sleuth could find an authentic, verifiable copy of his original
vault copy birth certificate. I’m not talking about the faux version
Obama posted on his website, which was deemed the real thing by
FactCheck.org, a "truth"-detecting site that is sponsored by the
Annenberg Foundation, the same foundation that hired Obama and his
terrorist pal William Ayers and gave them millions of dollars for a
research project in Chicago. In other words, the least credible source!

more significant is that no one in the media thought Obama’s missing
birth certificate worth even casual mention. Their thinking seemed to
be: If we’re not going to check on his eligibility to be president,
then why question why the other crucial documents were — and continue
to be — sealed? For instance: his baptism certificate; elementary, high
school, college and graduate school transcripts; visa(s); selective
service record; alleged multiple Social Security numbers; Illinois
attorney’s license; Illinois State Senate records; law practice client
list; Univ. of Chicago scholarly articles; financial records while a
community organizer in Chicago; and medical records. I’m also curious
about why Michelle Obama’s law license was suspended in 1993 by the
Illinois Supreme Court, but then again she wasn’t running for president.

the media were frantically busy trying to divert public attention away
from those pesky things known as credentials with gossip-driven tabloid
reportage of Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber in order to avoid the
bigger-than-Watergate potential scandal of whether or not Obama was
eligible — according to the U.S. Constitution — to become President of
the United States!


In an explosive
interview by Dr. Laurie Roth on her syndicated West Coast radio show on
August 7th, Douglas Hagmann — a respected journalist, director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and longtime private investigator, and Judi McLeod, a prolific journalist and the managing editor of Canada Free Press
— the reason for the media blackout about the birth-certificate issue
was nothing less than organized Mafia-like dire threats to members of
the media issued not only from the heads of major TV and radio stations
but also from Federal Communication Commission officials!

to Hagmann and McLeod, who conducted a nine-month investigation and
documented their findings scrupulously, after Obama was elected but
before he was inaugurated:

  • A major TV talk-show host reported that he was ordered not to raise the birth certificate issue or risk losing his job.
  • FCC
    officials threatened to yank broadcasting licenses, break up
    conglomerates, and make the enactment of the Fairness Doctrine "look
    mild" in comparison to other consequences.

  • In at least
    one corporate TV headquarters, memos were circulated to all on-air
    employees not to mention the birth certificate issue, as well as other
    specific subjects like Obama’s Illinois lawyer’s license, his college
    records, etc., under both implied and explicit threats.

During the interview, Hagmann and McLeod — who never mentioned a
particular network by name — alluded to e-mails and other evidence in
their possession, copies of which, they said, were secreted in several
locations. But they did tantalize listeners with descriptions of
meeting with "sources" outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York
City, a high-placed contact looking nervously over his shoulder,
references to directives and warnings given by "those at the top," and
the undisguised threat of one executive to his underlings: "This is
serious, and so will the consequences be if anyone chooses not to be a
team player with this."

This comes as no surprise to Fox
watchers who have noticed that the Stalinist-style censorship of the
Obama regime is already here. This couldn’t possibly be because of the
healthy shares of stock the Saudis bought in Fox, could it? If so, why
would the Saudis care so much about quashing potentially damning
revelations about Obama? Have they also bought shares in Obama?

to think of it, who exactly paid the tuition for Obama’s stint at
Harvard Law School? What role did Obama’s long-time friend, Khalid
al-Mansour, a key advisor to a Saudi billionaire, play? Writer Kenneth
Timmerman describes al-Mansour as "well known within the black
community as a lawyer, an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an
author, an international deal-maker, an educator, and an outspoken
enemy of Israel." This is not to omit that al-Mansour was originally
contacted to intervene with Harvard on Obama’s behalf by Percy Sutton,
former Manhattan Borough President and the lawyer of Malcolm X.
Ah…the tangled web of it all!

Then there is the question of
what role was played by Saudi Prince Alwaleed, the nephew of King
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia? You remember Prince Alwaleed, who offered
then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani $10 million after September 11 if he would
only blame America for the terrorist attacks of which 15 of 19
perpetrators were Saudi Arabian — a "gift" the mayor promptly and with
appropriate contempt rejected!

In short, what influence have the
Saudis exerted on Fox to muzzle the issue of Obama’s birth certificate?
I don’t ask this about the network TV channels or cable channels like
CNN and MSNBC, which are still issuing daily hagiographies of Obama.


who has been sending "the message"? And how did it permeate not only
the media, but also the once-respected U.S. Congress and the courts of
our land, including the once-incorruptible Supreme Court? And what
menacing forces made the once-courageous conservative media abandon
their mission to expose rank corruption and collusion?

Two words: Money Talks!

you’re a media mogul and you get word from the FCC that your license
will be pulled immediately and irrevocably if you mention only three
words — Obama’s birth certificate — poof! You send that word to your
employees and tell them that their mega-salaries — in fact, their
employment — are on the line.

If you’re a conservative talk-show
host and you get your boss’s directive not to dare to mention only
three words — Obama’s birth certificate — poof! Lips sealed; curiosity

If the money thing doesn’t work, there’s always the threat
thing, i.e., "going public" about tax records, health status, or family
secrets. Or be audited by the IRS. Or be investigated by any number of
regulatory agencies.

And if the money thing and the threat thing don’t work, how about being reminded
of all those "accidents" and "unfortunate incidents" — broken kneecaps,
missing children, "falls" from buildings, punctured tires — that
resulted not in joblessness or embarrassment but in death?

know that’s how the Mafia works. It’s also how political machines work.
It’s also how community organizers work. Wasn’t it Obama himself who in
2008 said ”If They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun” and in 2009 advised his followers to "Get in Their Faces!"?

determined are Obama’s handlers to keep the facts of his parentage and
place of birth out of the public domain that, as writer Chelsea
Schilling has scrupulously documented,
"the Federal Election Commission shows Obama’s campaign has made
regular payments to Perkins Coie since Jan. 1, 2007 — the month he
formed a presidential exploratory committee and only weeks before he
formally announced his candidacy for president — [and up to the
present] — has paid Perkins Coie, a single law firm, $2.3 million…to
crush eligibility lawsuits."

But paying lawyers to quash the
dozens of lawsuits that have challenged Obama’s eligibility still
doesn’t answer the question of who exactly is behind the blanket
blackout of the media, Congress and courts when it comes to Obama’s
origins, parentage, credentials, indeed identity.

We certainly
can’t attribute this massive power play to Obama himself. After all,
while "owning" the Congress and the media, he is failing miserably to
gain support for his two signature pieces of legislation, cap & tax
and healthcare "reform." No one that ineffectual — or, as Jonah
Goldberg says, "astoundingly incompetent" — could possibly mute the
media, castrate the Congress, and cow the courts.

And we can’t
attribute the blackout to Obama’s union and community organizing
buddies. While the former are quite expert at threatening members to
fall in line…or else, and the latter have mastered standing outside
polling places with glowering facial expressions and menacing Billy
clubs, neither has the heft to have compelled the media to roll over,
the Congress to say they "know nothing," or the courts to load one side
of the scales of justice with rocks and the other side with feathers.


and historians have documented exhaustively the Left’s obsession with
(1) the acquisition of power, and (2) transforming America from a
free-market, Constitution-respecting, freedom-loving, God-embracing
society into a Socialist-cum-Communist "share the wealth" collective
that echoes the beliefs and "values" of their heroes Marx and Engels.

it takes money to bring about the kind of poverty both Socialism and
Communism deliver to their masses. The kind of money only a few at the
top enjoy while they’d like the rest of us to wait on food lines and
appear before death panels of impersonal state functionaries who decide
if we’re worthy of antibiotics or surgery and, if not, convenient
"go-to-sleep" pills.

The kind of money that "talks" — that can
buy people off, finance revolutions, launder money, pay to rig voting
machines, manipulate allies into positions of power (czars, anyone?),
conveniently crash markets (as George Soros did in England in 1992,
Asia in 1997, and, I believe, the U.S. in September 2008), make people
disappear, make birth certificates and other vital records disappear
and then make sure that an entire media, Congress and court system is
terrified of "going there."

We all know of the many
multimillionaires and billionaires — including Soros, the Saudi royal
family, et al — who contributed to Obama’s presidential campaign and
continue to fund his leftist agenda, all of them with an ideological,
religious, or personal stake in his remaining in power. And all of them
part of a larger, more ubiquitous conspiracy — yes, conspiracy! — to
conceal Obama’s origins and true parentage.

Among them, as JB Williams has documented, are "international socialists working through CPUSASPUSA and DSAUSA, funded by literally hundreds of leftist front-groups operating as special interest 527 organizations. Here’s a short list of the BIGGEST leftist front groups: America Coming TogetherJoint Victory Campaign 2004Media FundService Employees International UnionAmerican Federation of State, County, and Municipal EmployeesMoveOn.orgNew Democrat NetworkSierra ClubEMILY’s ListAFL-CIOLeague of Conservation Voters."

Further, Williams asks: "Who spends an obscene $1-billion dollars to win a lousy $400,000-per-year job, and why?"

Richard Poe, award-winning journalist and New York Times-bestselling
author, has written extensively on Soros and makes a good case that the
Hungarian-born Jew and self-admitted Nazi collaborator is the primary
brains and money behind Obama — and, I believe, his healthcare
travesty. When President Bush was in office, Poe wrote that Soros
talked openly of a "regime change" in the United States.

about our country offends Soros so deeply," Poe asked, "that he would
tell the BBC — during a time of war — that he means to use all of his
power to ‘puncture the bubble of American supremacy’? Poe explained
that Soros’s Open Society Foundation, founded in 1984, "has spent
millions promoting a radical agenda that includes abortion, feminism,
gun control, abolition of capital punishment, voting rights for felons,
drug legalization, euthanasia and gay marriage rights…the Soros cult
preaches secularism, the godless faith of a world without nations,
families, loyalty or tradition, a world in which the very words
‘mother,’ ‘father,’ ‘husband,’ ‘wife,’ ‘son’ and ‘daughter’ will be
bleached of meaning forever."

Soros, Poe continued, "is one of
the world’s leading promoters of euthanasia, or ‘mercy killing.’ Not
only does he advocate ‘physician-assisted suicide’ for patients who
choose death voluntarily, he also lobbies for the right of family
members or court-appointed guardians to authorize the killing of
patients whose wishes are not known." Sounds a lot like the Death
Panels Sarah Palin warned about, doesn’t it? Soros also founded the
Project on Death in America [which] promotes suicide and euthanasia and
urges doctors to warehouse terminally ill patients in hospices and give
them ‘palliative’ care …rather than wasting time, energy and money
actually trying to cure them."

Of course, all of these beliefs
are eerily echoed in Obama’s healthcare legislation, almost as if Soros
had dictated the terms. Maybe he did! Maybe that was the price he
exacted for financing a large part of Obama’s presidential campaign and
facilitating the cover-up of Obama’s birth certificate and other
documents. And maybe that’s why Obama is still paying Soros back by
recently announcing that he will invest $2 billion (or more) in
drilling for oil off the shores of Brazil, where none other than George
Soros owns $5.8 million of the Brazilian oil company’s U.S.-traded
preferred shares of stock!


Soros may top the list of conspirators who have been trying to topple
big bad capitalist America for decades, others figure prominently as
well, including but not limited to: Noam Chomsky, Louis Farrakhan,,Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Jesse Jackson, Michael Moore, Cornel West, Ted Turner, former National Security Advisor to Pres. Jimmy Carter Zbigniew Brzezinski,
The Rockefeller family, The Carnegie family, and, I might add, Fidel
Castro and the cozy cabal of America-loathing Marxist revolutionaries
he met with at the Theresa Hotel in Harlem.

Then there are: The Congressional Progressive Caucus (their members here)
aka the Democratic Socialists of America, formed by partners from the
Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA (Founder: Sen. Bernie
Sanders (I-VA); The Congressional Black Caucus (their members here),
originally established and controlled by the Communist Party USA
(Founder: Cong. John Conyers (D-VT), and now controlled by ACORN and
The Democratic Socialists of America; The ACLU, founded in 1917 by
Communist Roger Baldwin; The Southern Poverty Law Center — a mini ACLU;
The FORD Foundation; The Annenberg Foundation; The NAACP; The Council
on Foreign Relations; The Trilateral Commission; numerous labor unions,
and of course the mega-rich sheiks of Araby.

While all of the
above and many others have worked assiduously to dismantle America,
there are probably only a relative handful of aiders and abettors who
ushered the modern-day Trojan Horse Barack Obama into America’s body
politic and were sophisticated and connected and rich and arch enough
to have facilitated his path to the U.S. Senate, sealed all of his
records both home and abroad, assembled the massive organization for
his run for the presidency, and delivered in only seven months the most
radical leftwing — actually more Communist than Socialist — agenda in
the history of the United States.


and Hagmann have come very close to explaining a major piece of the
conspiracy puzzle, specifically how some in the media were either
bribed or threatened into silence vis-à-vis Obama’s birth certificate.
But the American people have a peculiar resistance to and revulsion for
these thuggish tactics. In fact, the birth certificate issue has gained
momentum. Why is it not going away but instead gathering steam?

  1. The huge amount of money Obama has spent on this cover-up is, to most Americans, fishy.
  2. Obama’s
    serial apologies for America as he travels the world have offended
    Americans and convinced them that no genuine American could or would
    ever behave in such a way.

  3. Last month, when Army
    Reserve Major Stefan Frederick Cook sued Obama claiming he was not
    legally qualified to be President and Commander-in-Chief and therefore
    was unqualified to give him orders to deploy to Afghanistan, the
    government rescinded his orders, thereby negating the "standing" Cook
    no doubt would have had to sue. District Judge Richard Lazzara of Tampa
    denied Cook’s motions as "frivolous and wholly without merit" and then
    — guess what? — sealed the records! This should have disqualified the
    judge. In fact, it raised the eyebrows of millions of Americans.

  4. To
    the public, rescinding Cook’s orders was a de facto admission that
    Obama is not a natural-born American citizen, and it gives rise to the
    possibility that untold numbers of military enlistees, in the U.S. and
    around the world, will follow suit. According to one source, as many as
    100 lawyers are preparing to file such litigation and even class-action
    suits are being considered.

As Obama’s poll numbers
continue to plunge, more and more people are waking up to his unique
lack of qualifications and inability to lead the greatest nation in the
world. As Kyle-Ann Shiver has written,
"It’s as though [in 2008] 59 million Americans joined hands and shouted
at the top of their little lungs, ‘Yes, We Can March off This Cliff.’"

Writer James Lewis asks: "How do we fight Obama and his psychopathic lust for power?"…and answers: "You fight evil by exposing it.""

the American electorate has never been so energized, with millions upon
millions of ordinary citizens — many of them seniors with vested
interests in avoiding Obama’s death panels — attending Tea Parties,
Town Hall meetings, and writing and calling their representatives in
massive numbers. In addition, people are now speaking openly about the
man without a birth certificate. Who is this guy? What is he hiding?
Why are media people studiously avoiding this issue? And why are those
who "dare" raise it — like Lou Dobbs at CNN — being targeted by
far-left groups, many of them funded by George Soros?

Yet in
spite of their efforts to conceal the truth about Obama’s birth place
and parentage, increasing numbers of articles, radio hosts and their
callers and regular Americans have lost their amazingly forbearing
patience and are now asking and will continue to ask until the question

© Joan Swirsky

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